Friday, March 2, 2012

Top 10 and Versatile Awards

Alright =). So my girl Adriana from "Little Petite" has tagged me this amazing challenge a month ago which I thought was fun and exciting to do. I'll do a similar post aside from the Top10 award thing. And what more exciting is, I also received another blog award from Emma of "Eyeshadow and Glitter" today. So I thought why not do a 2-in 1 post =). Hope you enjoy it!



New fringe cut? New hair color? Dry hair? New skin breakouts? hahah! I have no foundation or concealers on this pic just to let my skin breathe for a while..ow..any recommendations for the breakout? XD

Valentine's Day

My then 11 month old nephew gave this sweet chocolates to me when I arrived home from a 2-days Valentines date. I had a great time in Las Vegas, but this one is the most amazing of all I received for Valentines <3. Isn't he sweet and adorable? =)

Candle Obsession

I've been addicted to candle scents so much, I don't know why but there's something in the smell that I always look forward to every morning, every night, whenever I feel everyday. I stock up some on my closet for my bedroom and bathroom LOL.

When my dad saw my room he was like "wow, feels like a chapel here" (+ the soft lightning) hahah =p

Canon EOS Rebel T3i

My new camera I bought for myself LOL.

He's the reason behind those recent Photos of the Day posts.
I love love mah babe <3

Book Worm?

Not really. I've been indulging myself on quite a few novels (which I haven't finished reading ofcourse LOL), and some other books to inspire me (and to kill my boredom). 

Cheese Danish Addiction

Why haven't I met you before?? Omg, I would die not eating this (really just kidding LOL). This food is one of the reason why I always go to Starbucks (aside from the Skinny Mocha Latte). Ahhh..the perfect couple made my day. =)

Credits to the owners of the images used above

Adriana awarded me this challenge hahah!

Thank the person who tagged you and link their blog with the post.
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List your top 10 products.
Choose 5 bloggers to do the same.

My Top 10 Products I am Loving Now

I tag these bloggers for the above award:

...and lastly, Emma awarded me this sweet

Thank the person who sends you the award and add a link to their blog in your post
Write 7 random things about yourself 
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Random Facts About Teli

1. I kind of having a habit of collecting receipts -gas, grocery, food, name it. I had a pile of them, even from last year, which I still keep inside my closet. I don't know. Am I a weirdo?
2. I enjoy eating in my car..while driving.. (who doesn't?lol)
3.I usually have a random odd sense of humor
4. I eat bacon with ketchup
5. I used to be an addict online gamer
6. Oranges/ cuties are my fave fruits of all
7. Don't forget to follow each other on Twitter! ;)!/krzteli

I tag these bloggers for the above award:

Have a good day everyone! <3


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