Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Big Hair Bun Attempts

I was trying to make a big bun on my hair with this dough nut (donut) bun. I've always styled my hair the messy hair bun-way with just a ponytail (3rd pic). Though its so quick and easy, prolly takes me 5 seconds to make it LOL, but the bun is so small. So I went out, bought a dough nut bun from Claires, and tried out myself. But with this little soft foam right here? Phew! Took me a while before I can finally get my long layered hair 'sucked in' inside the bun (1st pic). I definitely need to take a lot of practice because it still is messy looking LOL. But I like it! =) No hair pins and no remaining hair. 

I also did tried the other method - which is the easy dough nut one, with the use of another ponytail and hairpins to secure the remaining hair around (2nd pic). It's easy, but I don't like those extra hairs wrapped around the bun making it pop out or something.

So, what do you think? =) Let me know how to properly use the dough nut bun because I am finding it difficult to style it neat. Really =(

Thank you,

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