Thursday, February 16, 2012

Do You Believe In Destiny?

A few times I thought, maybe I do. And sometimes life just throws back at you. Does it ever happened to you, when you sit at a crowded place and ever think how many of these people are single and looking for that perfect love, like the same thing as you do?

It could be that cute cashier guy you smiled at a local store, or that guy you just passed by when you walk by the alley, or could be that guy from your high school. I don't know, possibility is endless. I know there can't be a perfect love, neither does a perfect boyfriend ever exists. But do you believe that someone out there is also looking out for you? Like you are meant to be paired with someone, but you doesn't know who?

It's called destiny. 

I always believe in destiny. Even if people call me crazy a million times. I believe I live for a certain reason. Sometimes, when I see old couples sharing their last piece of meal for each other, I smiled knowing that love could last as long as it could be. I've seen people falling in love over and over and yet they never get old of it, like, everything for them is still their first time. Maybe that's what love really is. Destiny brought them together. They believed in faith, and after few years of searching they found each other and never let loose their grip.

Have you ever felt that tingling sensation when you first touch him? Or possibly when your eyes met and you both know you're meant for each other? A couple of months ago, I always pray that hopefully I'll soon meet (or has met him) him (and to never let anything harm him) even though I never knew his name.

Maybe I should take chances. That's the only thing I'm afraid of. I'm afraid of falling in love because I'm afraid of getting hurt - win or lose. Love sometimes begins with doubt. Maybe it's just a matter of courage and to take a leap of fate.

And maybe, destiny is just right there, waiting for you...

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