Monday, February 27, 2012

Cherish Those Few Ones

Few weeks ago, I finally was able to receive the gifts from my 2 long time best friends - Jackielyn and Ericka. They were my best friends ever since High School until we separated from College because of our chosen career. 

Reading their letters (the traditional way) makes me feel like they're just right so close to me. One letter isn't enough to share all the happy moments we've been together.  12 years has passed since the first day I met them. Ever since then, we've been inseparable. We've laughed, and cried together. We hang out at our favorite cafeteria or sometimes in my place. We giggle on each other's crushes, and laugh at the silliest thing we could ever imagine.

The world was so young and innocent back then.

Now, I still feel like a little burden on my shoulder knowing I can't be there for them, physically, because I have to move out and migrate. It was a happy departure but on my mind, I always thought when will I ever see them, again?

It was long time ago since the last time we had a chat (thanx to Skype), and few times I've seen their Facebok status updates. It feels good knowing they're doing alright, though they still share their personal problems with me online which I know I should've been there beside them, hugging them, saying everything's gonna be ok. But as time goes by, things went well the way we hoped and prayed. 

In life, you never knew who you're gonna be with. Who your friends will be, who your roomate will be, who your best and closests friends will be. It's a matter of how attracted and comfortable you are with that person. As the saying goes "People can tell what kind of person you are by what kind of friends you have."

Your friends may come and go. And you meet new ones along your path. But only a few stays with you even when you think everyone has gone away. Cherish those few ones, because they'll be the one who you'll gonna be with until when you grow older.


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