Sunday, January 8, 2012

One of the good things in blogging.. winning some FREE stuffs =)

I was so totally blown away when I found out I won ElvenEye's December Givaway of  Never had I thought I'll win and I was so happy when she tweeted me a month ago. These are my first blog prizes =). So thank you again ElvenEyes for hosting such a wonderful event. And here are the goodies I received from her..

I was so excited when I received the box. I love ALL of them =). My fave would be definitely these cute blushes from MAC's 2011 Summer limited collection. Cha-ching!!

MAC blushes: Giggly, Sakura, Feeling flush

MAC powders in Light sunshine, alpha girl

MAC lipstick in Hibiscus

Another addition to my fave lippie collection would be this one. It smells so vanilla-ish. god, i wanna eat it. I swatched it for you to see. This is a cremesheen finish, though it looked matte below bec.of my dry skin LOL

Urban Decay in Sin

The package actually caught my eye. Then I checked the name - SIN - uhh snake, apple, ring a bell? lol. Eyeshadow base, it is shimmery gold, I tell ya. But for the few times I had used it, I liked it so much. Consistency is creamy. NEVER CREASES. I wonder why my other old UD Primer potion started creasing now =(. This one didn't. And I love how the brush was bent for easy application. (I swear, first time I saw it I thought it was broken LOL)

Bath & BodyWorks Body lotion in Black candy apple, and Hand cream in Shea cashmere

I tooootally love these lotions specially the hand cream. It smells really nice!

Victoria's Secret lipglosses

Burt's Bees Lip balm,and Lip Smacker in strawberry 

Check out her amazing blog! Im pretty sure you'll like it just like I did =)

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