Thursday, November 17, 2011

Olay Complete & ProXclear Loves

PART I : Olay Complete

I confess - "Im an Olay moisturizer lover for AGES" =). I had been using this brand for 2 years now and I really can't find something better than my Olay firming cream. <3 Other than that, I had also tried out different products from Olay because they are just so good to be true - well, some I liked, some I can't say I hate.

I bought all these products from Target because that is the closest drug store to where I live (somewhere like 5mins drive hehe!). Now, Olay is a very good skin care brand mostly popular for their anti- aging technology and stuff. Some would say 'why would you need an anti-aging, you're still young?'. NOT true. Everyday our skin cells gets old. I am 24 and like everyone we are exposed to a lot of harmful radicals everyday (sun, stress, pollution you name it), thus speeding up the aging process of our skin. We need to take care of our skin. And one of the most important ways to avoid your skin getting older than your age, is to 'prevent' it.

i. Night of Olay Firming Cream

Truly an award- winning night cream. I really can't say how much I would definitely definitely recommend this to anyone. My mom and my sis uses this one. This has been part of my night routine and I can't sleep without it! The texture is so moisturizing, not oily. The smell is so good. I like that Olay doesn't have that strong powerful smell that sticks in your face like you sprayed perfume or something LOL =p. Upon application, your face will become a little bit firm, not tight. And when you wake up, your skin will look so much healthy! =). I can see a big difference in my skin when I forgot to use it. It doesn't break me out or anything. It also helps fade out my old scar/ post acne marks. This is my ONLY favortite night cream...evah!

ii. Olay Complete Moisturizer in Normal

I used to use the one designed for combination/ oily skin, but I do noticed that my skin gets more oilier hmmm =\. But it becomes less oilier when I started to use the one for normal skin. I hope my skin became normal now ahhah! =). I love this moisturizer not only because people are raging for this for so long vouching how effective this one works (which I can say it does), it also comes with UV protection which is SO very important for your skin. I always gets a moisturizer with SPF stuffs. Never had I bought one that doesn't comes with it. This moisturizer doesn't dries out my skin. Very moisturizing as well.

iii. Olay Anti- wrinkle Eye Cream

I don't need a lot of anti- wrinkle eye cream, YET. But I uses this product whenever I remember hahah! I noticed when I squint in front of the mirror, I can see small craw feets and that freaks me out! =o. Our skin around the eyes are SOOO thin compared to the skin of the rest of our body. Blood vessels are also visible under the eye partly because of stress, hence eye bags are also visible. Delicate care should be provided specially when we girls wipe it with eye make up remover. Eye cream wise, I can't say it dramatically changes the wrinkles around my eyes. I can't say there really are any good anti-wrinkle eye creams that work miracles.

Part II : Olay ProX Clear system for Acne-prone skin

I bought these kit because my skin suffered from tremendous amount of breakout when I started stressing out because of work. I can say it DID minimal change in my skin, not that it completely get rid of it but it did controls my pimples. This is a 3-system acne protocol, like any brand. I can't say which ones did work , which ones didn't because I follow them all together so..

 Step 1: Cleanse with Pore Clarifying Cleanser

I soooo love this cleanser! It is very creamy in texture. I think this one did the job amongst the three. It did dries out my pimples, so did most part of  unaffected areas of my face =\.

Step 2: Treat spots with Skin Clearing treatment

I still have the half bottle of this because I ran out of the cleanser. I think the concentration of the cleanser AND the treatment is too much that dries out my skin. I didn't used this that much.

Step 3: Moisturize with Complexion renewing lotion

I like that it helps fading out the old acne mark, but it really did takes a while before I can see improvement of my acne. I can't say I have acne (though I keep saying LOL), it's just a massive breakout when I get stressed out. And I really need some acne-fading treatment like this. The color is clear and moisturizing  as well. Loves it <3

Has anyone of you tried Olay?
How did you find most of their products? ^__^

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