Sunday, September 11, 2011

Review : Philosophy Completely Clear Skin System

I'll start off that I wasn't happy with the result from using this product. I thought I was because I heard a lot of good reviews about their moisturizers but I didn't. I used this product 5 months ago when I started having small pimples tids and bits for no apparent reason so I was really in need for a skin-911. I found this from Sephora and the lady there was really giving me a sales talk but she was genuinely kind enough so I ended up buying anyway. When I got home, I was excited to use it as I was carried off with what was written on the box as well. The price? Errr, $35 for these small kit? Doesn't hurt I guess.

The cleanser was a foam. I was like yea, easy to use, I don't need to scrub it off my face and stuff. It was convenient for me too. It has a salicylic acid content but not too strong so I expect it not to over dry my face and so it didn't for the first few days. Now, there are these 2 similar spot-on treatment/ lotion which I really wasn't sure which one to use first, or does this one goes on top of this one? LOL. I was clueless so I ended up using same at the same time. (Idk why the heck they have these. They should've put 2 in 1 bottle). And, the size is small. Like the size of my tiny little middle finger =\. But ya never know? Looks can be deceiving ei? =). Then the last one was the lotion that claims to fade away post acne marks, which I'm really in need.

2 weeks past by of using it, I noticed my skin gets very dry, especially around my lips . Though I normally have an oily skin. I concluded this was from the harsh chemicals from the cleanser and proly the over used of the lotions/ slash spot-on treatment.

Did it removed my acne? Yes it does little by little and I honestly can see improvement in my acne so far. But even though I moisturize at night time to counter act the over dryness, I wouldn't consider using these products on my skin for long. I just wanted to try Philosophy out but I proly give it a 7/10 =\. I still  love that it diminishes and heals my acne for a short period of time but as soon as it does for the rest of my pimples, small ones are popping out and gives me a hell. =\

The kit contains: 
On A Clear Day® Oil-Free Foaming Acne Cleanser (1.5 oz) , 
On A Clear Day® Oil-Free All Over Acne Treatment (0.4oz), 
On A Clear Day® Oil-Free Acne Spot Treatment (0.25 oz),
Philosophy On A Clear Day® Retinol Clarifying Lotion (0.25 oz)

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