Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Light hair brown color for me?

Maggie Q with the sexy flirty light brown hair :)

I know a lot of you girls have colored hairs or even wanting to try out sometimes. For ages, I have been scared to color my hair because it will only damage and make it look even dry and brittle. I have a natural weird hair color. Usually it goes dark brown in sunlight. And sometimes it looks true black. 0-o

I started coloring my hair a year ago with the same hue : Mahogany, Burgundy brown, Chest-nut brown. And now I feel like I'm missing my old natural hair color so I colored it with dark brown again.

Below were my previous hair colors in any order..

As I scan my old pics, I realized I have been more into red-head colors and I feel kind of bored with it so I've been wanting to try out a new color. Then I found Maggie Q's hair color (OMMGG I want that hair too! :o) - very sexy, effortless wavy hair she can pull out ^^. I've also been taking into consideration of Ombreing my hair since Summer was here. (actually summer is almost over haha!). 

I haven't tried light brown to almost-blonde hair colors. And I'm not sure if it will look good to me :l. I'm just  being careful to choose the right color since now my hair gets so dry and damaged before trying out. So I pretty much need some help before doing so ^__^

What do you think? Any advices? ^__^

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