Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review: Mac from Urban said that the Elf has Benefits

I had some few favorites that I liked recently from Urban Decay, MAC, Elf, and Benefit. I love love em! :p Here is my very short review for all of 'em! ^__^


MAC Lush Amber lipstick 

 Lustre amber is somewhat similar to Mac Shy girl. Im sad that my shy girl is running out so I had to pick another lippie and saw this amaaaazing color from new Mac collection. The color is shiny and I don't need to put lipgloss on because of its lustre finish. I think I love this kind of finish than creme sheen because it's so moisturizing and pigmented. I definitely has a new lippie love <3


MAC Lustre Drop highlighter 

Only a drop of this amazing highlighter on the cheek bones is all you need for a summer bronzed beauty! Believe me. It's not too shiny and not too glittery as others might think. This could also be used for night party too because of this glowy sheer effect. 


MAC Espresso eyeshadow 

Perfect for outer corner shadowing :p. I use it with a small crease brush and it's so blendable and highly pigmented. I very much recommends this to anyone who likes bold, sophisticated eye look. This, I say, is most of beauty lovers' fave e/s ;)


Benefit Browzing kit 

 Your eye brows define your face :) - this is basically true. This kit is a must for brow lovers out there. It comes with a wax, a brow shadow for sparse hair, a compact mirror kit, a tweezer, 2 eye brow brushes, and a how-to. Mine is in dark (later that I know I picked up the wrong color lollll). A light application gives a full definition because the color is highly pigmented.


ELF Butter pecan eyeshadow  

I got this online from the Elf website and I fell inlove with it! :p What I love love about Elf is they are cheap! Almost all products from Elf cost $3.00 whether is lipsticks, eyeshadow, foundation etc. which is a very cost-effective makeup brand.  Plus, the quality is good, I say :) It doesn't have to cost alot for a beauty after all ;). E/s wise, it comes with a light and shadow, perfect for summer. I also noticed some few glitters which I liked :)


ELF Nail polish remover 

One soaked pad is perfect for 10 nails :). I find this very helpful as I don't need to get messy with my old nail polish remover and a cotton wool. The pad is kind of oily which helps remove the nail polish in one swipe! :o And the smell? Fruity and lovely <3


Urban Decay primer potion 

I can't say how much I love this eye shadow primer! :o It does what it says it does. I noticed my eye shadows stays longer when I applied it prior. It enhances and intensifies the color. It also helps prevent smudging around the eye from eyeliner. Award winning from Allure why people loved it too :) 

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