Saturday, July 23, 2011

Review: Make Up is Forever

Make Up Forever HD Liquid Foundation 

I can't express how much I love this liquid foundation. People have been raging about this HG foundation ever since it came out way back then. And I thought why not try it too? I had been using this for half a year now.

And what do I think about this?

Its a full coverage for me because it does conceals all of my blemishes and dark spots
Evens out my skin tone
Perfectly matched my skin tone (im in shade #120)
Gives a healthy glow because of its sheer coverage
I didn't break out from using this 
I love that it has a pump on it. Doesn't mess at all 
Easy application specially if used with primer and brush
Doesn't feel heavy or cakey 
Im totally impressed with the lasting power. It does lasts the whole day/night (I'll post a pic below where I used it from early morning till the end of night continuously)

I honestly don't think its suitable for very oily skin. I have combination/ oily skin and at the end of the day I still have to use blotting powder to control the shine at bay
Pricey :( 

The only downfall of this foundation is the holy-price, which cost at around $40.00 :o which I wasn't sure if I can repurchase it again :(. But the result from this foundation is noticeable and really topped any of the liquid foundations I had tried before. So yeap I would still definitely recommends this to any one ;)

Make Up Forever HD Primer in Neutral

I had been in search for a good primer so I only bought this small-sized tube. I purchased this with BE trial kit. And while I was waiting in line at Sephora's, I saw this along the counter and decided to buy it since it just cost at around $10 I think. I bought the neutral one since I would like to try out the different shades later on. It doesn't surprised me neither did I had mixed feelings about this primer since I had been using this for only quite some few weeks now. I loved MUFE brand and I think I slowly falling in love with this primer too ;). 

Since every primer should make your makeup last forever longer, I'd say this one does ;)
Oil- free
Skin feels soft and smooth after application 
Light weight

I wasn't sure if this one did caused my breakout on my cheeks or am I just stressed out with my current work 
I really wasn't sure why MUFE always gets pricey. I love their products but the 1.01oz of this cost $32.00 :(

With my friend (right) before we go to the club. I only did some touch ups and that's it! Ready to go ;). Dress - Wet Seal

What do you think of MUFE HD products? ^_^

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