Friday, January 2, 2009

Tournament of Flower Festival

Tournament of Flowers held in Pasadena during New Year. 47 gorgeous flower floats were displayed in a mile street block. Hundreds of foreigners and viewers came just to see these astonishing works of people who devoted their time to this event. Every part of a float is made up of thousands of flowers; very colorful and elegant. Bad thing is, it is very cold outside T_T. After the parade, we went to visit Glendale mall - a luxury mall that is,near Pasadena. But we didnt bought anything LOL, just tour around it because we cant take the cold.


Then we went back home and played our game - Tennis in Nintendo Wii. Weeee!!! Kuya Marvin and I are the original champs and owner of 'the crown', when Ken and kuya dethrown us. So we had a rematch and a rematch and a rematch but still, we cant get our thrown back. Our bodies really hurt after each games but we still has the strong determination to win! This game is really fun! All of us, even mom played this. There are also a lot of other games we played in Wii but tennis is what we loved to play every night - till midnight /gg.

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