Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Watch her fly with Him

She was young then, loved by everyone.The world was a paradise. The house, the garden and the streets was her playground. She loved to run as fast as she can, jump as high as she can, to just enjoy new things a child discover she can do. She loved the cold comfort of the soil on her feet, the fresh air up on the tree, the wind that brushes her skin while on a bike and beside a lake and the coolness under the water.She wish she could be a kid forever. But then just as she was growing up and so was her environment. The soil became cement, the tree became weak and too old to climbed up, the way to the lake became a private property and the water was turning from green to brown. Her paradise became a vast forest. Suddenly there was no security. She entered a place that was new to her. She asked for clarity then she was answered like a nobody. She was hurt. That was for sure. She tried to find kindness in every person she had met and hope to give back that same kindness she deserve, just like in her old world.

Along the way she would meet people who were also new in the place. It relieved her fear a little but just like a child, she explored her new world. As time passes by, she would find everything to be different. She realized that not all people would be willing to love her…to trust her. Some would just hate her for a reason that she was her. Not everyone would love to watch her fly and concluded that she would fall…she would definitely fall. she did not understand that time why people can just be so cruel. They could not believe her to be someone she definitely think she would be…something she could hold on to be real.

On her journey, she would feel a new throbbing feeling… just like the way her old scars on her knee sore when she fell on her bike. But much deeper… invisible yet very painful. she hate the feeling but she bear it all for she was not alone. He said she would never be alone. And she had faith. She would always have faith. He told her to look back. Then she would look back. She realized she would always be that same kid looking at the world with wonders.She would live the way a kid had imagined life to be. She would not let anyone to turn her into someone she would regret to be. She would always look back.
Now, she finds
joy after pain, beauty in a single leaf, kindness behind coldness, contentment in imperfection, happiness in every small surprises and acceptance in every life’s bitterness. She will always see the people behind her.The ones who never grow tired of loving her. And she would never too. She recognizes that she turns into young lady with wings. They tell her to fly. Then she would try for her happiness and especially for them. At first she was afraid but she can feel the heaven closer to her… like she is touching God’s hand. She had found her new paradise…different from the way some people are looking for it. she will fly...she will definitely fall… but she will never grow tired of flying… for she will soar high… higher than anyone thought of her never to reach.

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