Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My New Home..

I cried..i cried all night knowing ill be gone not for a day but for a year,probably for the rest of my life. ill missed all my family,all pinoy stuffs,all the things ive been enjoying my whole teenage life. Now , i turned 21 in this ‘land of opportunity’, USA that is. I got used to the places here before. because when we were young ,like i was 15 if i could remember, we used to visit our family from corona california few times before. but now,ill be living here for good. have my own drivers license,drive my own car (well not my own for now, il just borrow ate’s). and start to work as USRN when im done passing the state board. it;ll be my first working experience. oh how i trembled when i think myself workin and doing over pressure,like my siblings. they are doing double jobs right now. it will likely lessen their time with me though. but i have to help them by doing household chores when im staying at new home…all the nieghbors are so like,quiet. american people only do work and home at a day. no time for inuman, galaan, kwentuhan etc. the way i missed pilipino styles back then. i lay in my new bed (oh im sharing bed with my ate since my ordered bed isnt coming yet). the first night i slept, all in my eyes are tears, i missed eric. i left my heart in the Philippines.

Oh how traggic and how lucky i am. I once thought what its like migrating suddenly at an early age? i never thought it will happen to me too. time’s really fast. it happened really fast. i hope i can get my friends especially my love i left back home. i missed eric so much. i could die any seconds thinking of him. but not now hehe. i knew he’ll wait for me too. we’ll wait for each other. and when the time has come,we’ll live here together. make our own family someday and live the american dream we once dreamt of.

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