Friday, January 3, 2014

Big Bear and Festival of Lights

Welcome to my blog! And welcome 2014!

How was everyone? How was your New Year? Wish everything went all well. :)

I was on a holiday in Big Bear Lake California with Matt, and after spending a day pretty much watching the ducks swim in the lake heheh! we came down to see the Festival of Lights (as what we exactly did on a holiday a year ago). It was fun seeing festivities. I miss Christmas. It just went by so fast. 

Well, enjoy the pictures! :)

Jaspers Smokehouse - The best BBQ steakhouse evah! Thnx Yelp!

And here are the pictures I took in old town Riverside. They always do the Festival of Lights every Christmas holidays. There were lights everywhere, people caroling, loud music, antique shops, ice skating rink, and hmm hmm delicious donuts and hot choco!

(Don't you just love the snows falling in my blog? ~_^)


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