Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Brightening and Anti Blemish Masks from LookBeauty

Masque/ Masks are my favorite part of my pampering facial day. It's like a spa, but right at the comfort of your home. These mud and sheet masks from Look Beauty has always been my favorite, specially that brightening mask! If you're looking into a mask that works, believe me, this one does. :) 


This Brightening sheet mask helps minimize dark spots and hyperpigmentation. As I am always worried about my post- pimple marks, they just won't go away. First time of using this, I was blown away. I wasn't sure if it's just me or the mask actually works. My skin looks so radiant and bright! It felt so soft and clean too. This is a good prep before makeup or if you want a little brightening facial after a stressful day. I honestly didn't know a facial mask can do that. I made quite a research before deciding to buy and try one and people were right. Some may have liked it in the beginning but stating the effect didn't lasted them a while. I think it's a good part of your facial care routine if you continue to use it, and plus it's packed with Vitamin C, Orange and licorice extract which are good for your skin. :)

How convenient is it to use?  I prefer using sheet masks over mud masks. Sheet masks are always convenient and so easy to use (no more splashing water all over your face). The only thing is, they are one-size cut, and with my little pea-sized head, I look like I had a mass cloth on my face lol. But you can always trim it and shape it however you like. One pack comes with a pre-moistened mask, just carefully unwrap it and gently placed it in your face. Easy as that.


I like this mud mask as it tends to deep clean the pores. I could feel it tightens (and maybe a little tingly sensation?). After washing off, my skin felt so soft and clean. I would usually use this before in conjunction with my brightening mask.

How convenient is it to use? This mud mask is so thick, it tightens your pores right away. Just an even, substantial amount applied all over your face (and neck), wait 20 minutes (or until it dries out), and you're good to wash it off. I wasn't a fan of mud masks as they tend to be difficult to wash off after. It's just so messy. But you'll be thankful for the benefit it can do to your skin. :)

Other Look Beauty Masque Bar

You can buy them at Target for $9.99 a pack. Each pack may come with 3-4 facial masks :)

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