Monday, September 30, 2013

CoverFX CC Cream SPF 30. Buildable lightweight coverage

Retail price $45

As popularity of BB creams continue to grow, new beauty trends came up for, somewhat a similar skincare benefits, with only the next letters of the alphabet, came the CC cream (Color Correct/ Color Control)

Any CC creams on the market claim to deliver brightening, anti aging, dark spot correcting, sun protection, moisture, and all that jazz. Consumers tend to search for the best out there, and this COVERFX CC cream is one of the top list.

I have been struggling with redness and blemishes for years. Using a lot of foundations and concealers just to cover up isn't healthy at all. I needed something to cover up while at the same time heals/ corrects imperfections.  I also learned that the important thing is, not coverage, but brightening skin tone. 

CC cream is designed to correct skin tone by brightening up the skin with moisturizing effect. With proper lighting, you'll see the difference of brightening effect versus covering because the light hits your skin making blemishes appear less, your skin smooth, flawless and natural looking.

Below is an actual image I took before putting CoverFx CC cream (I'm in Medium shade).

I prefer using my fingers to blend easily because of the thick texture. But you can use foundation brush, what ever suits you. The coverage is buildable and last longer. I only applied one layer because it seems to cover up most of my blemishes.

This CC cream is my new alternative for everyday makeup without the heavy feel of foundation.

I hope you find this short post helpful. I'm living up to the hype that 'more is less'. :)

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