Tuesday, August 6, 2013

San Diego California. What I love about it.

After spending the whole exhausting day at Comic Con, me and matt enjoyed being away from the huge crowd, sight seeing, enjoying the clear blue water, going to historic landmarks, walking by the park, and feeling the calm breeze only I can find in San Diego..

Marriot hotel at Coronado Island is one reason I would definitely gonna go back to stay at. Rooms are pretty neat, and ohh the pool and jacuzzi are my fave! Their foods and customer service are excellent too! 

We were biking by the beach park when, well, who would have thought holding the bike handle and a huge DSL camera on the other hand was a smart idea! I ended up with booboo lol. So, they gave me an ice pack and free bandages. Every time the manager would see me walking around the hotel, he would ask how my hand was doing. And we would be greeted by all the staff with a warm smile (not that I know it's just customer service, they sure are friendly!)

Spectacular view of the San Diego skylines from the Coronado Island. There were ferries and boats to take to cross from the island to mainland San Diego. 

Right off the harbor boulevard is where you can find the historic USS Midway museum. It was pretty hard to find a parking lot just to get there (approx. took us almost an hour!) Better not go there when there's a convention going on on the weekend lol. 

Any way, we really enjoyed this audio guided tour and knowing the history behind this majestic fortress that made it a very popular attraction in SD. Going through doors to doors. I didn't even know that they have an ICU and a surgical room too! I uploaded clips of videos for my Viddy :).

Close to the USS Midway is the fresh Seafood Market/ Restaurant which everyone who wish to come visit San Diego, should definitely try! Their fishes are fresh and ohhh geez, I'm glad we sat by the water and was able to watch the sun set. It was romantic.

The best thing with being a Comic Con Attendee is you get a decent discounts for your room during the convention. Though Marriot Hotel in Coronado was the first choice, we also decided to extend our stay in a luxury Grand Hyatt Hotel in mainland San Diego. Surprisingly, it wasn't as bad at all. 

Seaport Village is the first stop as soon as we got our delicious breakfast buffet from our hotel. (Not to mention the irresistible waffle/ pancake!) This beautiful small village is full of amazing stores every where you look. From sea shells to hats. Made me love summer more!

And lastly, you can't complete your trip without going to the downtown, and definitely this Gaslamp. It's like a mixture of Italian/ French/ Irish or whatever European restaurants and stores you could find in that alley. I could still remember they closed the streets just to make way for the Comic Con! There were people dancing and loud music playing. Huuuuge crazy crowd on the loose basically. 

Let me know if you've been or if you're living in San Diego coz I'll be jealous! ^__^

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