Tuesday, November 13, 2012

bITE: Reddish Lipstick Sensation

Fall has started and so did the trend of bright red to dark red lipsticks. From the early 80's to present, wearing red lipsticks has always been phenomenal. You can never go wrong with red. Daring, sexy and sophisticated has always been associated with red. :)

I've always been afraid of wearing red lippies because well, I got the same reason like anybody else - that it may not look good (or maybe, just depends, I don't know). I always wear orange and nude pink lipsticks. But you never know until you tried one that will stand out, right? And this bITE brand helped me gain that confident to pull out a bright red one (this shade in Poppy - Limited Edition). I feel like my skin looked more brighter and healthier. And I did tried this for few hours and I have to totally agree that this is a matte creamy lipstain that last a hell long. The color is so intense. The only complaint is it does stains any cup but pretty surprising that it still stays on my lips like the first time I applied it. True~ 

And I am now so in love with this lipstick brand! :)

You can also try 5 mini lippies in Discovery Set. They have different shades of colors to choose from :)


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