Monday, July 16, 2012

A Little of This and That

I hope everyone's having a nice day so far! =) I realized I haven't been posting a lot about me and my life recently, which is kind of losing track on what a real blog is - sharing life. I'm more of a private person but I also enjoy sharing some of the good (and sometimes bad things) that are apart of it. That's where I get advices, comments, and encouragements from people that I don't know personally but that is the joy of building a small friendship from a blog community that I enjoyed the most.

What have I been doing lately? Well nothing much except that I have a new nephew again! =). His name is Makaiel Ethan, and he is almost 6 weeks old. He is an angel to our family. His big cousin Matthew (16 months old) adore him so much haha! I also have my first nephew named Nathan (22 months old) and I can't wait to see him! Geez, lots of cute baby boys this year! I love all of them =) Time really flies so fast.

Makaiel Ethan. His dad made this haha! So cute.

I also enjoyed hanging out with my friends and co-workers more often. It's the feeling of happiness and craziness whenever we're all together. It's just the laughter and talk never ends.

My parents come and visit us every 4-6 months a year (yeah, they love traveling a lot). My mom still stays with us since my sister just gave birth to Makaiel and been a very big help. My dad just got back to the Philippines. I'm gonna miss him again.

This picture was taken when my dad arrived lol. That's me and my little brother Ken beside me, and parents on the other side of the table. I honestly don't know who the guy behind us is lol.

I had been trying to catch up watching my favorite loved TV show - Supernatural. Yep I'm still on Season 6 but almost at the end of it! Thank God for Netflix. I love Sam and Dean. <3

and who wouldn't love BOBA??!! =) <3

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