Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tattoos To Love

Finally had a tattoo!! ^______^

Just kidding. It ain't a real one (as much as I wanted to lie it isn't LOL). I basically received this tattoo a month ago when my girl Adriana blogged about this tat website and I was like "I want one too!". And since I've been weighing for over more than a year whether to get a real one or not, I might as well try a fake one and see how people would like (wouldn't like) it. Luckily, I got more positive likes rather than negative. You know my peeps a little conservative type (and since I am a Christian). I love Celtic crosses.

The tattoo is so easy to use. It comes off a little bit when you rubbed it off (you're not stupid of course , don't waste your money LOL). It says it stays for a couple of days to weeks so I'm satisfied with that. There's a lot of great tat designs to choose from.

Good luck!


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