Monday, December 5, 2011

Hair color with errhh crazy pic

Wooohoo! How's everyone? =) Im feeling in a mood today for some blog smoochin' haha! Anyways, much has everyone commented on my "Light Hair Brown Color For Me?" post about me considering changing my hair color to more lighter tone, I finally decided I'll color it MORE darkier for some reason... 1) my natural hair color which is blackish wouldn't really actually stop growing and I don't want to keep retouching it over and over thus  would make my hair even more drier er (im lazy).. and 2) im feeling the blackness! LOL =p.

At one point, I took some photos to share but at the end of the process, I noticed it didn't actually turned out to be violet black! =o

L'oreal Feria in violet black

looks like it is turning
and yes it did still turned out redish..

thats me on the far left posing like a boss hehe
Hehe I couldnt find any recent pic.
Hope me and my family made you smile today, atleast hahah! its almost christmas anyways = )

What do you think of the hair color? I think nothing changed ahah!

 photo blogby.jpg