Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thank yous & myBirthday Haul

First of all, I wanted to THANK EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU who followed my blog and I do hope you still enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing random stuffs for you =). I started my blog as a personal space for me to share about my life and experiences. I never thought I'd come this far and it made me smile when I read one comment or when there's someone new who followed my blog. I wouldn't hope this blog would be as big as other people's blog but I do hope I can make people smile and touch their heart..<3

Oh just an fyi, wethz is my pet name :)

I celebrated my birthday with my family early before Oct.15th because I have to work that night. There was this amazing filipino resto called Green Banana Leaf . It was THE best filipino restaurant I had ever dine into. We had to order almost 8 different kinds of dishes and extra rices because it was THAT good. =)

Then I had to work 2 nights in a row. I never expect my co-workers would buy me pizzas yey! It was great. I wish I could've done all my stuff so I could've joined them. They were surprised because none of them knew it was my birthday lol. Even one of my patients would greet me, it was one of the nicests things I could hear =).

On my way home from work, I was surprised with the simple gifts from my family. I love them. I then had to go straight to church the morning to thank God for bringing me such a wonderful family and friends. After a long hours awake, had my 2 hours naps because my time clock have to adjust. But I woke up late in the afternoon thinking it's time to spoil myself now =) *evil grins*

So excited that I had to take a picture when I got home that night ahhahaha! *crazy

back side of the dress from above

Apologise for the look. Had to dig into the Sale section and found this haha!

They gift me a free vanilla shower gel! It smells really nice =)
YSL Rouge Volupte in Fouborg Peach

I went crazy when I saw the new YSL counter on Sephora. 
I went so mad that I bought this cute peach lippy. <3 Can't resits


imma have to make a review of this 

And..some few pics from the late bday celebration with friends on the 18th heheh!

me, pam, divine, mike

Their gifts are AAAMAAZING. I loved it so much have to put all my stuffs in that cute bag haha!

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