Monday, July 18, 2011

Harry Potter and the teddy bear

Some of you (well, most of you harry potterism) may have watched the first part of the final installment. But me, I haven't ahahah! :p. But I did anyway because I really wanted to watch it!

Me and my siblings watched it last Sunday and well, the theater (Edward's Cinema) was half full. It was funny because as the movie was just starting people were like clapping their hands with excitement, even at the end of the movie. I remember the same thing happened when I watched Transformer II with Megan fox's sexy pose in the bike. And I even heard someone shouted 'that's my girl!'. Tsk.

Anyways, I think this movie (HP) deserves a total recognition from everyone. I mean, who doesn't love that Harry Potter? hahah! Everytime I watch hp movies, I always gets goosebumps! Maybe the effect's too ridiculously mad and the plots too epic to watch :)

Im not a good critique but I give this a 10/10 as I won't see any hp movies anymore :(. (not unless, they want to continue and roll back the story for Harry's and Ginny's son ;). Kind of reminds me of the first one ei? :p

Here are some of the pics after watching it.

My sisters from left: Melissa & Pam on the right

Dress: Forever21 - Sandal: Payless - Bag: Ross

and oops! Almost forgot teddy ahha! This was given by my sis in law during their one week trip in Oregon and Washington. And yes, I just took this right before I write this post hehe. Just a little share for ya there ;)

sorry for the crappy shot >_<

 Has anyone of you watched it? ^__^ What was your reaction?

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