Sunday, July 31, 2011

Family day @dana point OC

Me and my family had a great sunday picnic at Dana point beach orange county, california. It was a celebration for my nephew's 5th month, and my mum's and auntie susan's vacation with us too. Earlier this morning it was raining hard but the sun finally came out the afternoon and we were set to go after we went to the church the morning. We drove along the 74 freeway which is kind of a narrow road but I got the chance to see the whole Lake Elsinore from top view (which is where I live btw :)). The beach was  for public and of free entrance but we're lucky enough to get a perfect spot. We didn't got the chance to go swimming because the water's damn cold! ahhah!. After few hours of fun on the grass and sand, we visited the known old church of Mission Viejo (san juan capistrano), along the way. We finished off the entire day with bobas from Tapioca express. We had a lot of fun and these pictures will tell ya the story ;)....


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