Monday, December 29, 2008

Trip to Grand Canyon

We visited Arizona a day after Ken and mom arrived in U.S. It was a very very long and boring 5 hours drive from California to Arizona. We then stayed in Kuya marv's Uncle Ray for two nights. We arrived there past 3 in the afternoon. (We havent had lunch). They accompanied us to Grand Canyon, which, is my first time to see its magnificence. The parking lots are full. There are hundreds of people enjoying its view. Good thing it was winter and we enjoyed the snow there ^_^. Its my second time to see and feel the snow. First time was in Big Bear year 2002 with the whole family. It was a great experience! It was said that the canyon was 2 miles deep and about 277 miles wide ( i think). Bad thing is, many had an accident fall there and some was said to have caused suicide. There was no fence along the side so accidents are likely to happen there. Good thing i didnt fall. LOL T__T..(agh, what am i talking about?). It was really really cold there. I had to wear double shirts, and my fave boots, and gloves.

We just stayed there for like 3 hours only because it will be another long hours of driving back to Surprise, Arizona (Uncle ray's house). Back there, we watched the videos and pics taken. We were there laughing of all the moments we had. The couple are so warm in welcoming us. And we played with their babies (dogs actually). They're so cute^^, wished i can have them.

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