Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanks Giving!

Actually this was my first Thanks Giving day in my entire life. Never ng ccelebrate sa pinas nun e. It was evening we arrived early in our tita linda's house and helped them prepare the foods. Then,our other relatives came usually by family. We started thanks giving by saying a little prayer ; every one said a prayer kaya it took a while before we feed our tummy with the turkey ehhe! I said mine, i prayed in tagalog. I would prepare saying prayers using tagalog,mas feel ko e ehhe! I raised my head up to see some,almost about to cry. Maybe,it was the moment we celebrate something like this together. And some giggling on their own prayers. I wont mind though,its the start of the happy evening. Me & my cousins played a game, ImaginIff. Its fun! While the elders (hehe!) sang to the tune using MagicSing kuya kristian brought. The night was so warm and happy. Im actually a new family member added to the number of seats. It made me feel so welcomed. They are so kind, so are my sisters and brother. They are my family now. Well, i still missed my family dad and mom and lola,though i have my ate and kuya naman dito. Im still so thankful to God i have this wonderful life im enjoying and sharing with others. I hope,my friends and eric would experience this too..i missed them.

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