Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Kuya Kristian's Birthday Party!

It was my kuya's 27th birthday. Gosh, he's old hahah! joke! ^___^
He was so funny how he reacted to our surprise birthday party for him. He really didnt expected it. (did he?) Everyone loves Kristian^^, so do i. He's my kuya! Im so proud of him, how he took care all his Angels (me, ate dona at ate madz). The party also started with the house warming so it was the first time we had a celebration at home. Friends and relatives came over. We forgot to have courtesy call to our neighbors T_T. The night was so awesome! There was a dance party,sing party,eating party ahha! Kuya marvin was our DJ and our cousins showed some of their famous moves ahhhaa! I danced with kuya kristian. Ah, dont ask if i know how to dance ahha! But still it was great! We drank margarita, eat the famous Madel's brownies ehhe! and the children kept running around the house. The party ended like 2 in the morning because they still played Ps3. Well, i was tired and slept early hehe! Nevertheless, we showed how we love kuya that much.

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