Thursday, December 25, 2008

Evening Before Christmas

Yep, and my first Christmas here. We started preparing early for dinner. We did our own things and stuff. I,well,managing to repair my internet connection on my laptop/ Good thing i have my PSP and kuya's laptop so i can still browse the net. But i have to have my net connection again! huhuhuh T__T..

Anyway,our Christmas was simple and yet we manged to make it happy. I helped prepare the foods; Ham, fish , sopas, etc.But the Turkey cant be served that day. Maybe for New Years nalang. Kuya Kristian has his work for evening. Just the 6 of us; Tito dan,dan,tita susan,ate donna,ate and i. After a wonderful dinner,we opened the gifts, one by one. Well, i was first because i was the youngest LOL. Everyone received the gifts they didnt expect. I received a shirt,a pillow,and a necklace from my ate's. Then, we just ended midnight watching TV.

And the day of Christmas is a quiet and raining day. Well, its still a happy experience for me^^, I just hope,we'll celebrate the season with our whole family.

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